The New York Subway: A Century of Progress in Motion - 1904-2004
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About this Site

The Subway Centennial Student Activity Depot features student-centered educational activities created by the New York Transit Museum to commemorate the 100th anniverary of the New York subway. The site is part of "Education Station", a series of technology-enhanced educational activities created by the New York Transit Museum.

7 Train en route to Queens - Manhattan skyline in background
Train en route to Queens, circa 2000 Patrick Cashin, Photographer, New York Transit Museum

This site is divided into 3 main areas:

Activities: This area describes each of the current suggested student activities featured by the New York Transit Museum. The section contains information for educators about each activity, including suggestions for integrating it into class lessons, references to applicable learning standards, and hints about connnecting the assignment to a Museum visit. This section may also be accessed directly by students preparing a project on their own.
Gallery: This rotating virtual exhibition area features selected student works submitted to the New York Transit Museum in response to the activities on this site. Works may include original student web sites, presentations, artwork, photographs, poetry, essays, diagrams, among other creative digital representations.
Webcasts: During the Centennial year, the New York Transit Museum will feature several exciting educational webcast events. These online sessions may be accessed from the classroom or from your home or office, and feature Museum-selected experts. Webcasts may also feature selected students who will be invited to speak to their submitted projects before an international online audience.



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