The New York Subway: A Century of Progress in Motion - 1904-2004
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#7 - The New York Transit Times
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E Educators Notes

This activity provides a great deal of flexibility in terms of how you can integrate it into your curriculum or school activities.

Curriculum Integration:

This activity can be:

  • integrated into social studies classes or lessons
  • integrated into language arts, communications, or journalism classes or lessons
  • offered as an extra credit project to students
  • suggested by a guidance counselor or teacher as an opportunity to do a great educational communication project that could lead to distinguished recognition of the student by a renowned Museum
  • adapted to focus on only particular time period under study in your class
  • used as a pre-assignment leading up to a field trip to the New York Transit Museum or other NYC Museum
  • used as a follow-up assignment
  • tied into the class reading of a literary work that involves the New York City subway as a backdrop.


Students can be assessed on:

  • according to their use of conventional rules of journalism (i.e. their use of the "inverted pyramid" approach to journalistic writing)
  • creativity or originality of story idea
  • use of primary and secondary resources
  • appropriateness of quotes used
  • appropriate basis on historical fact
  • use of supporting original illustration, diagram or photgraph
  • effectiveness of headline in descriving article that follows
  • if an editorial, use of supporting facts to defend viewpoint expressed

Applicable Learning Standards:
A great number of learning standards apply to this activity.
Among the applicable standards at the high school level are:

  • New York City – Performance Standards

    English Language Arts


    E1(c) - Read and comprehend informational materials.


  • E2(a) - Produce a report of information.
    E2(c) - Produce a narrative account (fictional or autobiographical).

Conventions, Grammar, and Usage of the English Language:

    E4(a) - Independently and habitually demonstrate an understanding of the rules of the English language in written and oral work.
    E4(a) - Analyze and subsequently revise work to improve its clarity and effectiveness.

Public Documents:

    E6(a) - Critique public documents with an eye to strategies common in public discourse.
    E6(b) - Produce public documents.

Functional Documents:

    E7(a) - Critique functional documents with an eye to strategies common to effective functional documents.
    E7(b) - Produce functional documents appropriate to audience and purpose.

Applied Learning Standards

Information Tools and Techniques:

A3(c) - Use word-processing software to produce a multi-page document.

  • New York State Learning Standards

    Social Studies:

    SS1(c) - Research and analyze the major themes and developments in New York State and United States history (e.g., colonization and settlement; Revolution and New National Period; immigration; expansion and reform era; Civil War and Reconstruction; The American labor movement; Great Depression; World Wars; contemporary United States)

    - Prepare essays and oral reports about the important social, political, economic, scientific, technological, and cultural developments, issues, and events from New York State and United States history

    - Understand the interrelationships between world events and developments in New York State and the United States (e.g., causes for immigration, economic opportunities, human rights abuses, and tyranny versus freedom)

    - Analyze historical narratives about key events in New York State and United States history to identify the facts and evaluate the authors perspectives

    SS2(c) - Analyze evidence critically and demonstrate an understanding of how circumstances of time and place influence perspective

    Analyze the roles and contributions of individuals and groups to social, political, economic, cultural, and religious practices and activities



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