The New York Subway: A Century of Progress in Motion - 1904-2004
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#7 - The New York Transit Times

Take on the role of a journalist living and writing twenty to one hundred years ago. Write an original news story involving some aspect of the creation or history of the NYC Subway. Your article should rely on historic fact for context, but it need not describe an actual event. The piece you write may be serious or humorous, but it should follow conventional journalistic standards. You might also decide to write an editorial piece; if you do, be sure to make clear why you hold the opinion you do (i.e. describe who is your historic character).

Your Project:
Your article should have an appropriate headline, be no more than 450 words, and incorporate at least two quotes. You may also include an original illustration or photograph.

Submit your historically-based article to your teacher. Selected articles will be assembled into an historic Centennial Edition of the The New York Transit Times.

A 1940 cartoon in The Subway Sun celebrates public ownership of the transit system.
Subway Car-Card, Subway Sun: Unification, June 12, 1940. New York Transit Museum.

A 1940 cartoon in The Subway Sun celebrates public ownership of the transit system as “Mr. Receiver” (city official Thomas Murray) hands over the IRT to “Mr. Mayor” (Fiorello LaGuardia).

The private IRT had declared bankruptcy in 1932. Although the subways were essential to New York, bailing out a private company with public funds was controversial. So the city determined to buy out the private lines. After eight years of negotiations, the IRT and BMT officially joined the city-operated IND, unifying mass transit under a single city agency.


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