The New York Subway: A Century of Progress in Motion - 1904-2004
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The Subway Centennial Student Activity Depot features student-centered educational activities created by the New York Transit Museum to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the New York subway. The site also features a virtual gallery which showcases selected student projects submitted in response to the multi-disciplinary activities found here. Submit your project today!

Online Gallery Talk: "The World's Safest Railroad"
An Online Gallery Talk exploring the history of New York City, the subway, and the public relations field through "The Subway Sun" and "The Elevated Express" posters seen in the subway from 1916-1932.

Online Gallery Talk: New York City's Forgotten Substations
An audio and visual tour of the turn-of-the-century power substations which once powered the subway system.

Online Gallery Talk: Subway Style
This Online Gallery Talk showcases examples of architecture, ceramics, metalwork, lighting, signage and furnishings, and provides some behind-the-scenes insight into the capturing of the images for the related exhibit.

Activity #7: The New York Transit Times
This month's featured activity is a creative journalism exercise that sends us back in time.

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